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Brian Lee Westfall brianleewestfall.com Swimming Pool Design Fort Worth TX


Swimming Pool Design Texas

Welcome to brianleewestfall.com, design and consulting. We specialize in elegant, affordable swimming pool designs in addition to creating custom outdoor living spaces. We’re also a full-service construction company for all types of remodeling, backyard additions and custom new pools. We help clients realize their dreams and obtain a beautiful and functional backyard paradise done to their exact specifications. Especially relevant is keeping in line with their budget goal.

The perfectly designed pool should add a rich visual impact to the scenic beauty of each homes’ outdoor environment. With an eye for detail, and the creative mind of an engineer, Brian Lee Westfall has been working since 1999 to master the art of outdoor design. Most noteworthy is the crown jewel of every masterpieces a breathtaking water work and visual effect.

Today, some of Texas’s most beautiful homes have been transformed into beautiful oasis’s with swimming pools, spa’s and waterfalls. Each designed by Brian Lee Westfall, to make the outdoors a major role in each home’s living environment.

As a design build company, we benefit the client by having the design, plans, and the construction team all working together. These carefully orchestrated events are a way of ensuring that our projects stand apart from the competition. Combining all these functions saves the property owner a lot of time, money and stress. Since there’s a single point of responsibility, Brian Lee Westfall, as the owner, that’s accountable for the entire project.

Key Foundations

There are a few key foundations that we base our business philosophy upon. The first and foremost is Affordable Excellence. One of the reasons we can provide such outstanding service at a reasonable cost is years of construction, design and business knowledge. This makes for a high level of coordination and communication between inspectors, engineers, sub-contractors, supervisors and craftsmen, which reduces waste and increases economy.

The second foundation of our business is Exceptional Design. It’s rare to find a design company that can skillfully complete the job. While using ingenuity and creativity to think outside the box and provide a unique architectural design. The process begins first with listening to the client’s needs and consequently coming up with a design that is fresh and creative enough to inspire pride and satisfaction in one’s home or business. The custom blue print is then skillfully played through like a fine tuned orchestra into a beautiful work of art.

In Conclusion the third foundation of our business is First-Rate Service. Hence our business Credo.

We truly care about providing an honest, incredibly beautiful final product while creating a happy environment in which client’s will be proud of for years to come.

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