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By on March 9, 2017

Custom Free Form Swimming Pool Design



Know how much you are willing to spend. Keep in mind the initial cost of getting the new landscaping, pool, outdoor kitchen, etc. but there is also the annual cost of maintenance that has be considered too. Knowing what you are willing to spend on annual basis for the next five years will prevent any maintenance sticker shock that may occur.

Outdoor Activities

This is the must have on the entire list! Will you be cooking, eating, sitting, relaxing, or reading? Maybe you will be entertaining large groups of guests. Do you garden, or bird watch? Any recreational activities like swimming, basketball, throwing baseball or throwing football? All these outdoor activities need to be taken into consideration for a good plan, so make sure to know what you and your family will be doing outdoors.


Know what you like most for decking, fences walls etc. Do you like a lot of colorful plants? List your favorite plants, flowers, trees etc. Don’t forget to list what you do not like as well.

Desired Character

How do you want your site to look? Are you looking to have a formal design? Do you want an informal design? Maybe you are thinking of going modern. Do you like the open air or more of a wooded landscape with shade and privacy? Knowing what you like is big and very beneficial when we sit down to design.

Existing Conditions

Know what your problems are and maybe some opportunities about your current site. Every person’s taste is different. You may hate the way a row of evergreen trees blocks a view from your house but your designer may love the way they sit on your site. Unless they know you don’t like it may not get changed in the design. Create a list of current front yard and back yard problems that you think should be minimized or overcome in the design. Also, a list of all the positive elements and qualities of the yards that should be retained or enhanced in the design.


Your family members are the ones that will be using the space most often so bring a list of all family members including their ages (don’t forget the pets, they are family too). Make sure to include a list of hobbies they may have, especially if they relate to the outdoors! Designs can vary greatly depending on the age range of all family members that could be using the spaces.